Thursday, January 12, 2006

Stupid Hearings

Have you been following the Alito confirmation hearings? I wish senators would just send it to the floor and move on. We see Ted Kennedy on TV acting like a complete buffoon. I wonder if he’s drinking again. Feingold, Durbin, Leahy, Schumer, I wish they all would shut up! This is a hearing, yet you’re doing all the talking. Of course everyone’s made up his or her mind on how they’re voting, yet we’re subjected to this farce of a “hearing”.

Obviously Joe Biden has read my mind because he has come out saying that confirmation hearings are a joke. The Senate, according to Biden, should just bring the nomination to the floor and have an up or down vote. Before you start cheering for Biden thinking he received a brain cell or two, remember that he and his fellow Democrats would use the floor debate to smear candidates. That would make filibusters even more likely. Sorry Plagiarizer Joe, we see right through your smoke and mirrors. Cry some more about Gore losing in 2000!

The Senate and everyone else in government need to focus its attention on Iran. A nuclear Iran is downright scary. Iran is “led” by a lunatic who claims the Holocaust didn’t happen and is committed to wiping Israel off the face of the Earth. If Israel feels threatened, they will attack. If they attack, the entire region will blow apart. You bitched about $3 a gallon gas. A war in the Middle East will double or triple that. A cheery election year thought!

I’ve begun the slow process of scanning all of my pictures and storing them electronically. I started with pictures from high school since my 15-year reunion is coming up and they’re doing a slide show. I won’t post any of those particular pictures on here until after I get permission to do so. It’s possible that I’ll do a then and now retrospective. It will be interesting to see how people have changed over the years.

The General Assembly is back in session this week. Your wallet or purse should feel lighter as a result. GRod has decided to expand gambling in the state. Wait a sec! He campaigned four years ago saying he wouldn’t expand gambling. I’d like people to remember this in November.

GRod is also giving a million dollars of tax money to rebuild a burned down historic African American church in Chicago. Why aren’t the separation of church and staters bitching? If my church burns down, will it get a million dollars to rebuild? Is this money constitutional to dole out to a church? Will GRod get more votes by giving this money away? What about the insurance on the church? Tune in tomorrow for another episode of “Watch GRod Spend Our Tax Money Like a Drunken Sailor”


Anonymous Galvin said...

Well while i agree that GRod is a dunce and a terrible plague on the State of Illinois he did do one thing right. (I can't believe I'm admitting this) The otherday our illustrious governor gave $2.4 mil out of the Opportunity Return grant. I just hope Judy can come and give the big check to President Goldfarb in a nice ceremony along the Mississippi, because the Gov. already announced it at a simular ceremony (affraid of loosing the QC rod well you should be)
Vote JBT 06

4:15 PM  

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