Monday, January 23, 2006

Baby Killer and the White Knight

Let the lies commence! Campaign season kicked off Wednesday in Springfield with the annual State of the State Speech. The "White Knight", GRod, apparently has a solution for every problem the evil Washington DC has created within Illinois’ border. He’s going to fix health care for veterans, roads, mercury emissions, the business environment, canals, lost kitty cats and cow flatulence.

I have two questions for the "White Knight". First, how are you going to pay for it? You just borrowed 2 billion dollars from the pension fund to balance the budget. Guess I’ll have to work another 5 years more in order to pay for your Presidential aspirations. Secondly, did you work on this stuff in Congress? We already know the answer to that. You did nothing in Congress! You have done nothing for Illinois! It’s time to stop the lies.

I dislike GRod, but I loath baby killers. A good friend of mine recently miscarried her baby. That’s sad in itself, but what’s even worse is how it happened. The “father” (I use that term very loosely because he is sub-human) did not want this child, told everyone that he didn’t want this child, made no effort to be a father to this child but wanted to use it as a way to control the mother. The “father”, who has another child with another women that he never sees or takes care of, made it clear to everyone that the baby was an impediment to his “desire” to be with another women 1000 miles away.

The “father” continually harassed the mother repeatedly calling her, text messaging her (the modern way to stalk her) and showing up at places he knew she’d be at. I have no doubt that all of this was designed to put additional stress on the mother, forcing her to (1) miscarry the baby or (2) come crawling back to the “father”. The “father” got his wish when the stress got to the mother and she miscarried. Now this “man” can run off to this other woman, get her pregnant while he’s sleeping with someone else and start the vicious cycle over again.

Let's hope that this "man" can one day marry the games he plays with other people because that is the only thing he truly loves. No friends (well he already doesn't have any friends), no one to hold when things get bad, just his stupid, bad episode of Dallas insipid games! The "White Knight" will get his comeuppance in November. Let's hope that the "father" in my story gets his a lot sooner!


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