Thursday, February 09, 2006

1.68 Million Reasons to Stay In Bed

Congrats to the MHS Bombers Boys Basketball Team on winning the 2005-2006 Olympic Conference Championship. As of Tuesday, they were 21-1 (11-1 conference) and making the run for State. GOOD LUCK BOMBERS!!

These past two weeks have been very interesting (putting it mildly). I might have gotten about 1.68 hours of sleep this week. Let’s get into it.

We had the last MIG Executive Board meting on the 29th. It was held in the Old Supreme Court Chambers at the Capitol. A lot of people don’t like the room, but I think it’s pretty neat. As nice as the room was, the people in it weren’t.

You guessed it. Baby Killer made his monthly appearance. Instead of obeying what he was told about getting near me, he decided to put his hand on my shoulder. I told him never to touch me again and walked away. I didn’t have times for his lies. We would all have to deal with them later that week. He also decided to stalk his favorite victim. I was ready to call Capitol security to have them escort Baby Killer out of the Capitol.

As the Board meeting wrapped up, an Executive Session was called. It was there that Baby Killer lied about his status as a student at WIU. Having been lied to repeatedly, the Board’s advisors naturally checked on his story. He wasn’t enrolled at WIU in any capacity. Certainly not the independent study status he was claiming. A quick letter from the Provost’s office verified this. MIG had a problem.

Since Baby Killer wasn’t a student, he couldn’t stay as Speaker of the House. Since he couldn’t be Speaker, we needed another one. The Governor had already chosen a nominee for a vacancy in November when Baby Killer first started making rumblings about resigning. He nominated John Kennealy (Skippy from the Christmas card) to be the new Speaker and asked for a vote before the simulation.

Instead of a quick vote, people had to come up with 1.68 million reasons to drag it out. It finally ended yesterday when John was confirmed. I can now finish districting (hopefully tomorrow) and get the schools their roles. MIG starts in 21 days.

I know I will be able to go far beyond my 1.68 hours of sleep before then. I have a three-day weekend this weekend (Lincoln’s Birthday on Monday). This is followed by a three-day workweek and a four-day weekend (Friday 2/17 is my regular day off).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LMAO - oh so subtle there aren't you, Jim?

12:02 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

You expect him to be subtle?

9:19 PM  

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