Monday, March 06, 2006

MIG '06 Part 1

MIG 2006 is over! I care nothing for about the Monday morning quarterbacking, petty BS that people write about to make themselves feel important. The only thing I do care about is that the simulation went off very smoothly. There were a couple of problems, but nothing so serious to require the Board and faculty advisors to get involved.

My two little “brothers” kicked major ass this weekend. Sure, I’m biased. A lot of people agree with me though.

JP was elected Assistant House Minority Leader and did an incredible job. He had his “A” game on all the time. He was running around the floor, getting people to speak and making sure they were on book. I wish he had run for Minority Leader. Quite a few people said that JP did a great job.

Speaker K completely dominated the place. He didn’t put up with any crap. He ran that House like he had been born to be Speaker. Faculty advisors said that JVK took to the well like a fish to water. I knew he’d do a great job. He blew past my expectations. Running unopposed, he was going to be re-elected. The fact that he got more votes than anyone running in that election was the icing on a great weekend.

I said this a few times last year, but I am proud of both of them. Next year could see JP as Minority Leader going up against Speaker K. That will be a sight to behold.

More in the days to come.


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