Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pack a Bag!

America’s favorite TV program ended on Sunday night. The Sopranos went off the air after several years of entertaining us. It was more than a program about the mafia. It was a show about family and how the choices each family member makes affects the others around them. The fact that Tony had another “family” only added to the drama.

A lot of people are upset at the ending (or non-ending as some dubbed it). For those less literate, the show ended with Tony, Carmella and AJ sitting in a diner eating onion rings. Meadow, the daughter, was heading into the diner to join her family. I sat on the edge of my seat for five minutes wondering what would happen next. Then the screen went black. Nothing happened.

That’s good. There was no way that David Chase could write an ending that satisfied everyone. Why bother? He left it to us to write our own ending to the program. In my ending, nothing happened. Tony didn’t get whacked nor did the diner blow up. The family ate dinner and went home. Life goes on for the Sopranos like it does for the rest of us.

If the family comes back, they should do it with a movie set six months in the future:

Tony, by this time, has cut a deal with Phil’s crew and has some of the NYC territory. Tony is getting ready to begin his trial with Carmella at his side. Meadow is pregnant (hence the hasty trip to the doctor) while AJ is his normal annoying self. Paulie is in the funny farm after the cat gives him a nervous breakdown and Silvio is out of his coma, ready to fight alongside Tony.

Other than Sopranos, the big talk around the Patch is the ongoing state budget mess. I could spend hours talking about egos and why single party control is a failure, but it won’t fix the mess. Instead, read about the mess and the behind the scene machinations at Rich Miller’s Capitol Fax blog at I’m addicted to Capitol Fax and know a lot of others that are as well. Join in the fun!


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