Tuesday, March 07, 2006

MIG 06 Part 2

I went to sleep at 9:30 last night and woke up at 7:30 this morning. This isn’t earth shattering except when you consider that I have to be up and out the door by 7:30 to make it to work on time. You guessed it. I was late this morning. This weekend was exhausting, but it was well worth it.

I left work an hour early Wednesday to ride out to Kinko’s with Kovats. Since I was the Governor’s COS, Kovats felt I should know about the MIG account and who talk to out there. I went, we sat around waiting for legal sized paper then went to the Hilton to pick up O’D. The three of us met Officer Oxley for dinner. After dinner, we went back to the “mansion” and waited for everyone to show up. Around 11ish, O’Donnell, Galvin, McFarland, Shana and I went to Shop and Save on North Grand Avenue. The spookiness of shopping in the ghetto is indescribable. A quick stop at the McDonalds next to the office later and we were back at the Hilton. I stayed up until 3AM.

I woke up at 8:30 on Thursday morning. Why? I don’t know. We didn’t have to do anything until noonish. Shana, Galvin and I went to Kinko’s to pick up the stuff Kovats had copied. I was talking, not paying attention backing out of the parking lot so I backed into a concrete parking lot pylon. The noise was awful, but there was no damage. After registration, Deputy Dawg Ken and I drove O’Donnell to Opening Ceremonies. Lt. Governor Quinn was the keynote speaker. I fell asleep during his speech only to awaken by Kovats kicking my feet. Speaker K was sworn in and we were off.

I had to play House COS on Friday because Kovats had to work (Friday was my day off, I took a vacation day Thursday). Speaker K really didn’t need me because he was kicking ass, so I took the afternoon off. I sat in some Moot Court sessions. I’m a legislature guy and the judiciary baffles me sometimes. I was very impressed with Moot Court. I went to the Senate committees then took over as chair of the House Judiciary Committee for a bill.

Friday evening floor sessions went off remarkably well. If Speaker K had any jitters going to the well, he didn’t show them. Charles Patton was the House Majority Leader and Tristyn Grounds was the Minority Leader. Patton won Outstanding House Member at the end of the weekend. He was districted to the Senate, but moved over when some of the Daley House members couldn’t come down. Good move. He did a bang up job all weekend. I got to bed around 1 PM Saturday morning with the longest day of MIG about to dawn.


Anonymous Shana said...

Yeah, except you forgot to mention it was MY car you backed into the pylon! :-P

2:45 PM  

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