Friday, December 21, 2007

Six Months At Least

I remembered I had a blog after all. It's amazing, I know. I noticed my last posting was in June. Let's recap what happened since then. Not a lot acutally happened, but the year flew by.

I got a promotion effective August 1st. I am now an Office Coordinator. It was a two title bump and a $100 a month raise. We get another 3% raise on January 1st. I may actually break the poverty line at that rate sometime in 2010. I was busy most of August.

Shana, Nicole, McFarland, Little McFarland, Amber and I went to watch the Cubs play the Cards in St. Louis on September 14. We met up with Kennealy and saw the game. The Cubs won that game and the NL Central (only to break our hearts later on but I won't talk about that). After that, we went to the Casino Queen. If you know Kennealy, you have heard that he played blackjack with Alfonso Soriano.

I got iced in on my birthday, but a lot of people called to say hello. I went to Chicago this past weekend to see Phantom of the Opera. I had never seen it, but had heard of the show and was familar with the premise. It was a really good show. I learned a few hours before the show that Duran Duran (to whom I am listening at this moment) was playing that same night. I told Shana that I would go to that show instead. She told me to sleep outside if I did. There was no way I could have gotten tickets to Duran Duran, but I'll be checking Ticketmaster on a daily basis just in case they come back around.

Have a Merry Christmas!


Anonymous Jason said...

After all the months of waiting for a new blog, we weren't treated to your promised essay on why you prefer Asian transvestite hookers. On behalf of everyone, I applaud your amended topic choice.

4:10 AM  
Blogger jwscott72 said...

I thought this would be a better choice. I'm doing my Master's thesis on the aforementioned topic. I understand Woody has much research. LOL

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Jason said...

ROFLMAO. Contact Dan, he did his M.A. in something similar.

5:00 AM  

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