Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Welcome to Springfield

Yesterday was 9/11, the fifth anniversary of that horrific day. Despite what you think about the aftermath, you should have stopped for a moment to remember those who were murdered five years ago.

The move is complete. I am now residing in the capital city of Illinois. No Rod, the capital of Illinois is Springfield. Idiot.

Speaking of idiots, my bank is an idiot. They issued me a new debit card Friday. Rather than waiting until I activated the new one, they cancelled my old one. Of course, I discover this at the Olive Garden after dinner with Shana, McFarland and Rothenberg. They thought it was funny, but I didn’t. Hopefully, the new card is in today’s mail.

Another idiot? That Zinga dumbass running for Congress in the 17th. I don’t live in that district, but used to. This woman is plainly a moron. She disgusts me with her attempts to tie herself to 9/11. Every time she opens her mouth, she inserts foot. See her latest snafu here:
http://www.sj-r.com/Sections/News/Stories/95656.asp. I’m sure that, once they read this, Veenefreak and Nazi Boy will try to get me taken off the College Republican Facebook group. Again.

Want another idiot? Try every student bitching about Facebook. This new news feed is admittedly creepy, but it’s not the end of the world. This story is everywhere in the news. The Western Courier, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC. OK, the Courier isn’t a real news source (more like bird cage liner), but you get the point. Try focusing on real issues. On second thought, just go back to thinking about your next trip to West Pierce.

My step-brother and wife had their little boy a few days ago. I’m an uncle again. That makes me very happy. Although I haven’t seen him yet, I’m sure he’s adorable and awesome!


Anonymous Shana said...

and how are you going to pay me back for that dinner? hmmm.... ;)

1:35 PM  

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