Saturday, June 10, 2006

Revise and Extend

I got bored with the old set-up, so I revised the lay-out. I extended the links section, hence the title of today's little post. I took out the MIG and SGA links because, quite frankly, they aren't updated enough or correctly (too many mispelled words in the minutes for example) to my liking.

A couple of things caught my attention this week. The first was the death of that douchebag Al-Zarqawi. Betrayed by his own people because they knew they weren't winning, Al-Zarqawi managed to survive 1000 pounds of explosive being dropped on his head before dying. At least he's dead. That's the main thing. A great day for the war on terror!

Democrats have their own problems or else they would have jumped all over this death. I really expected to see Durbin, Schumer and Clinton come out all over the TV saying, "Well, it's nice that he's dead, but Bush lied and still hasn't gotten Bin Laden." Boo hoo! Damn Democrats!

Instead, we have them infighting over the off-chance that they take control of the House in November. God help us if Pelosi becomes Speaker. Even worse would be that crybaby Murtha becoming Majority Leader. I don't like Stenny Hoyer, but at least he supports the troops. With Delay gone, the Democrat's whipping boy will soon be out of sight. We'll see in November just how effective these "party of corruption" binge pans out.


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