Thursday, March 23, 2006

Primary Election Coverage

I normally post on here at work, but thought better of it for this posting. I'm going to talk about the primary election and be completely partisan.

First off, Blago is in a world of shit. 30% of Democratic voters voted against him Tuesday. That's not counting all the Democrats (and there are a lot of them) that pulled a GOP ballot to vote for JBT (and against Crazy Milkman). Don't know how he's doing amongst the independents in Illinois, but I dare say that there aren't many of them who like the dumb bastard. Couple that to the inevitable indictment(s) coming his way and Rod will be looking for new place to live. Well, scratch that. He never really moved in the first place.

We all knew that JBT would win. The question was who would come in second. Crazy Milkman somehow pulled 2nd place out of his ass. I had hoped Brady would come in 2nd. Is CM bored running his milk empire? I'm pretty egotistical, but never in my wildest dreams would I decide to run for Governor (or US Senate) without any political experience. What is this guy on? Maybe after losing (yet again) this time, he'll realize that Illinois hates him and he'll go away. Aren't all the milk cows in Wisconsin anyway?

I voted for JBT and Birkett and am proud to admit that. The neo-cons are already saying that the race is between two liberals. IDIOTS! The race is between someone willing to make tough decisions and rub people the wrong way (JBT) and someone who is a brain-dead half-witted moron who will irk his father-in-law off but kowtow to his campaign contributors. Four more years of Blago will wipe this state out of money and drive your good jobs across state lines. Then you'll qualify for his free healthcare and $7 minimum wage flipping burgers at Steak and Shake.

Please do what's right for Illinois. In November, vote Judy and Joe.


Anonymous Galvin said...

You know how i'll be voting in the Gov race (JBT), but I am very disappointed in the result in the 17th congressional district primary. I was hoping for Mowen but somehow that airhead Zinga pulled 250 extra votes out of her ass. Thank you very much rural voters! (there's an good article about this in the Moline Dispatch today 3/23)Let's just hope she doesn't make the same mistakes as last time and get her ass kicked even more by Lane

7:48 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

Sorry Galvin, Zinga is dead in the water. You can blame Mowen for his own downfall. The guy didn't campaign south of Rock Island.

Jim, I agree that Blago is in trouble, but you also have to look at JBT's numbers. She lost a lot of votes to the "crazy right." They both have to shore up their base and pull the independents. It is going to be a close race. I see it going within 5 points, to who, I don't know.

10:13 PM  
Anonymous Shana said...

First I have to admit I didn’t vote in the primaries. Yes I know this makes me a bad political geek. I’ve been sick all week. Plus I leave at 6 am to go to work and get home about 5, so I like to enjoy the little free time I have. (yes, I know boohoo I’m whining and having a self-induced pity party BITE ME!!). Primaries don’t interest me that much anyway. I will vote in the real election. At this point unless miracles start to happen it looks like I’ll be voting for JBT. I’m not overly thrilled with that choice either, but at least she remembers there is more to Illinois than just Chicago.

BTW Jim, I want to finish our debate on criminalization of undocumented immigrants. Where the hell did you go??

9:15 AM  
Anonymous shana said...

BTW don't anyone tell my parents I'm voting republican....I don't want to be disowned!! haha

9:19 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

Shana, you sound like Zinga. "I don't have time to vote."

2:36 PM  
Blogger Scott I. Rothenberg said...

I was one of the 30%.

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Shana said...

I said I had time, see "I like to enjoy the little free time I have." I just didn't find any candidates that really pulled me in one direction or another.

Go ahead and give my wrist a

10:43 PM  

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