Thursday, April 27, 2006

Randomness Abounds!!

No gas price or current state of Illinois government rants this time around. Sorry! I will say that I hope felon George Ryan is being fitted with an orange jumpsuit right now. Let us peruse the news and talk about what else has been happening.

First off, I had to put that picture on here. I did not make this up. Only in NYC!
The big news this week with me was that the Comptroller’s office messed up my paycheck. These are people whose sole job is to send out paychecks. I have been working at the Agency for 2 years, drawing the (relatively) same amount of pay every 2 weeks (we do get raises). How could they mess this up? I don’t know, but I was pissed. Fortunately, our payroll people caught the problem and had the Comptroller cut an additional check to make up the difference. Now I can pay rent.

I just read that the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee are recommending that FEMA be dissolved. Keep the word dissolved in mind for later. I agree with this recommendation. It’s bloated bureaucracy at its finest. Tear it down and streamline its functions. When will people learn that government bloat does NOT work?
Read this story at

Ground broke today for the new Freedom Tower at the WTC site. It’s been almost five years after that God-awful day. I’m glad to see everyone got together on this project and agreed to go forward. There was so much bickering over inconsequential things that people forgot what a building on that site would mean to the United States. The fact that the new Tower will be 1776 feet tall is even more inspiring. See this story at

Tony Snow is the new White House Press Spokesman. The President made a great selection. I think Tony Snow is an excellent commentator and will do an amazing job. His former colleagues at Fox News, however, have irritated me as of late. Specifically, I think they pick these “experts” on their nighttime shows out of a Cracker Jack box. One guy told Hannity and Colmes “within the next five years, a nuclear device will go off in a major US city.” He said this was a fact, not his opinion. WOW!

Western got the mumps last week. Not the whole school, just a student from Lincoln Hall. I called Kennealy to make sure he wasn’t contagious since he lives in Lincoln Hall (and he has to be mentioned in every blog now). He wasn’t. I don’t have to worry about JP getting the mumps because he doesn’t live in the dorms. I told Shana there was another reason he wouldn’t get the mumps, so ask her what my rationale was for that.

The verb “dissolve” will play a key role in a future posting. Keep it in mind and have a nice day!


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