Monday, April 17, 2006


Lying to Press Again, George??

Easter weekend was beautiful. It was a tad bit hot, but perfect weather to do things outside. I went to my aunt’s for dinner on Sunday. A cousin is on the committee to re-write the constitution for his college’s student government. We talked about a lot of things after dinner. Hopefully the three and a half years I spent in SGA at Western gave me some insight.

I was planning on writing a less than pleasant post about SGA on here today, but good news distracted me. This news was surprising to everyone, but a pleasant surprise: George Ryan guilty on all 20 counts!!!!

After those bizarre verdicts in California, I began to wonder if justice was real or just something that we paid lip service to. This verdict proved that justice was indeed real. Ryan is what turns people off about politics. We will have appeal after appeal. His lawyers will claim that he’s old and doesn’t deserve prison, blah blah blah! I don’t care. Ryan deserves every second of jail time he gets (if any) and more. He couldn’t be any guiltier of murdering that family in Wisconsin than if he was driving the truck himself.

In this case, I hope Lady Justice is a cold-hearted bitch and is in a foul mood at sentencing time! Ryan will burn in hell, no doubt about that. Hopefully, he gets what’s coming to him while he’s still among us.


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