Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Best Wishes Congressman

Yesterday, 17th District Congressman Lane Evans (D-Rock Island) announced that he was retiring at the end of this term. Evans has been fighting Parkinson’s disease for some time. Sadly, the disease is winning. Having lived in Lane’s district for many years, I never once voted for him. His stances were not always compatible with mine.

I may disagree with his stances, but I have never once doubted his dedication to his district. When I think of Lane Evans, I think of the word dedication. Any person who has continued to work in a highly stressful job with a debilitating disease for as many years as Lane has is dedicated. People with lesser problems would have run for the hills the first chance they got. Lane Evans did not.

Despite what the media claims, Lane is not a “former Marine”. No one is ever a former Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine is the saying. As the ranking member of the Veteran’s Affairs Committee, Lane busted his ass on behalf of veterans (I happen to be one) across the nation. The two times that I called his office for assistance; I was helped immediately. I even received phone calls back to make sure I got what I needed. He could have easily pulled a file, found out I was a Republican and ignore my phone call. He didn’t. That is one of many examples of his dedication to his constituents, regardless of political affiliation.

Congressman Evans is one of those few Members of Congress who give the institution a positive image. We will have time in the future to fight over who should go to Congress in his place. That time isn’t now. It is time to thank Lane for his dedication. Thank you Lane for all of your service!


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