Thursday, April 06, 2006


I was talking to Kennealy earlier tonight and I promised I'd mention him in the blog. I just mentioned him.

Sunday was a very strange day. It started off cold, then got humid. Around 6:30, we got a tornado warning. I quickly went into the bathroom to wait out the storm. As I walked into the bathroom, the power went off. My bedroom window slammed shut. For the next 30 seconds, all you could hear was the sound of a tornado going overhead. I was scared to say the least.

Once the storm was over, the power stayed off. It stayed off for 2 and a half days. Everything in the refrigerator was ruined. I stayed at home until the boredom got too much on Monday and went to play refugee in Springfield. Fortunately Jen and Nicole opened their home up to those less fortunate (electricity-wise) than they. Nicole is now in Florida and we're waiting for more storms. Hope she has better weather!

Other than a tornado, it's been a very quiet week. Work has been strangely busy. Hopefully that ends soon. If anything exciting with the weather happens, I'll let you know!


Blogger Scott said...

Hey sunshine, where are you at?

12:29 AM  

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