Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Maybe It IS Who You Blow?

Can you tell the difference between these two?

Reading through the WIU website today, I came across the story announcing the naming of the new Director of the Beu Health Center. The name looked familiar to me at first, but didn’t throw up any red flags at first. I went back to the story and re-read it.

Sure enough, the new Director is the wife of that useless piece of shit Al Harris, who is the “Assistant Vice President for Student Services” at WIU. More like a leach on the student body. Guess who was in charge of hiring the new Director? You guessed it, that bearded bastard Garry Johnson. Looking further back, there were better candidates being considered. Keeping it in the family, Garry? Surrounding yourself by more weak-minded yes men who will do your bidding? Maybe you’re giving the Harris family a boost in salary now for an increase in retirement benefits later.

The Director of the Beu Health Center is an important job. For many students, Beu is the only place to get medical treatment in Macomb. I pray that Mrs. Harris didn’t adopt Mr. Harris’ “student services” attitude. If she did, students will be buying medication at ten times cost, while she sits behind new furniture every year.

This “who you know” crap is what has Illinois screwed up. Every agency or state institution is run the same way. The important jobs are given to those with the best connections, qualifications be damned. Things need to change. If our “leaders” can’t facilitate this change, we should find someone that will.

I find it funny that WIU (and everyone else) makes these announcements when the students are gone. They must think no one is paying attention and they can get away with it. Does the Board care? I don’t think the students would have given two shits one way or the other. I know that their student government would not have. Guess I’m hoping for something that will never happen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting Jim, thanks for sharing. I agree this "who you know" shit does need to stop. I believe that only qualifications should dictate a hiring choice. Good post!

Matt G.

9:46 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

Matt, don't let this guy run you over. He will try.

P.S. Jim, you deleted my link. :(

6:35 PM  
Anonymous Shana said...

It depends on what the definition of IS is.....

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Might I suggest looking into the committee that chose the new director. We should have had a student representative on it; maybe you could go to him for justification as to why she was chosen. I believe his name is Ari Briskman, if I am not mistaken.


4:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ari was on there? That explains it all....what a douchebag.

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Ari S. Briskman said...

If you have any concerns about the commitee selection, I would be happy to discuss them with you. I sat through many hours of meetings, and me many of the candidates, so I believe that I can speak knowledgeably about the selection as well as the process.

11:42 PM  
Anonymous Jason Mount said...

Chances are Beu will suddenly negotiate a contract whereby Sodexho will provide them with tongue depressors at $50 a crack, then simply buy bulk used popsicle sticks and give them to the Health Center instead.

Beu is one of the few areas of WIU that operated very well and provided a great service to the students without the bullshit that guided most of WIU's Student Services under U. Harry Johnson's lackey, Al "Sodexho's Whore" Harris. Hopefully it doesn't end up being run into the ground like the Union was, is, and likely will continue to be so long as the SS (Student Services or Schultzstaffel, both are appropriate) regime is in place.

10:51 AM  

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