Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hey, I Actually Blogged

Now a public service announcement from your friendly blog owner:
Blog Rule #1: This blog is not the place for its readers to perpetuate existing personal vendettas.

Blog Rule #2: Rule #1 does not apply to the owner of this blog or persons who have paid the owner to allow said person to do so. All checks paying for this right must read: “for services rendered.”

The non-Macomb part of my weekend:
Thursday: Amtrak was supposed to leave Springfield at 5:07 PM on Thursday (payday). We left at 5:40 PM. Shana was meeting me at the Joliet train station, so I called her to tell her I would be late. We made some time up on the way, but had to stop for freight trains outside Joliet. After arriving, I lost $8.50 at the riverboat. After that, it was time to do the traditional “train arrived late so we have to eat at Steak and Shake” thing. After dinner, we went back to the Land of Big Ass Windows and went to sleep

Friday: I woke up (for some bizarre reason) at 8:15 that morning. I was quickly entertained by watching the episode of South Park with the shitty wall and damn mongorians. Shana wanted to rent a car for the weekend, so we stopped by Enterprise in Joliet to pick one up. Apparently, Enterprise is going out of business because they had no cars available, even though the website said they did. There was no customer service whatsoever. Instead of calling around to the other 150 stores in the area to get a car (like any good business would do to get a few dollars out of someone), they told Shana that she was SOL. What kind of crap is that?

It was then off to Naperville to eat at Mongolian BBQ (sensing a pattern here?). First, we stopped off at Barnes and Noble. I didn’t buy anything, but did some window shopping. After lunch, we saw the biggest goose in the Chicago Land area try to drown other geese. There was some great graffiti on the sidewalk as well. We left Naperville, picked up my 80 pounds of luggage and headed for Macomb at about 2:30 (slightly ahead of our 3PM scheduled departure).

We drove almost all the way to the I-80/I-74 interchange until nature called. At the next exit, I swore the Dairy Queen sign said left ½ mile of the exit, so we turned left and drove for a ½ mile. ½ mile of the exit to the left is a barn. This is where the ice cream originates, I’m sure. Turning around, we went to Hardees’, returned nature’s call and continued onward to Macomb.


Anonymous Shana said...

Thanks for not posting a picture of my check!

6:05 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

I love the "Land of Bigass Windows" comment. So, how much do you want on the check?

3:45 PM  
Anonymous Shana said...

If you're just writing out random checks, you can always send one my way. Oh and leave the money portion blank, I can fill that in for you. :)

1:03 AM  

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