Monday, April 30, 2007

Ode to a Graduate

Chris Galvin came home on leave and came to Springfield this past weekend. Galvin spent the last 88 days or so cruising the West Pacific’s mean streets. Having him home meant he was safe and out of harm’s way. Shana, McFarland, Ira, Galvin and I went to Lincoln’s New Salem Saturday. It was a really nice day and I enjoyed a few hours hanging out with dear friends. One friend wasn’t there and I wish he had been.

John Kennealy graduates from WIU in two weeks. This is going to be a special day for me because (barring anything going wrong) I will get to return a four year favor. I am looking forward to seeing my best friend walk across the stage. He will finally get the degree for which he’s worked his ass off. I know John is looking forward to May 12th. I’m stoked for him.

I’ve known John since his first semester at WIU when he came to SGA as the very young junior SGA senator from Thompson Hall. In contrast, I was the most senior SGA Senator, the Speaker Pro Tempore and the chairman of the Senate’s most powerful committee (you knew I’d throw that in there). He had the talent and the ambition, but I didn’t see it at first. Why should I? I knew and controlled everything.

I was wrong. 100% wrong. I saw this young man go balls to the wall after the things he wanted. I was impressed. We became friends that semester. Since then, we’ve been through a lot. I watched him become the first freshman in SGA history to chair a standing committee, then saw him betrayed by people he considered friends. He’s won and lost elections, chaired committees, represented students, led a party and then an entire chamber, partied with friends and was always there when the phone rang.

John called me his friend, brother and mentor a few weeks ago. I am honored to be all three of those things.

John is my best friend. I respect him immensely and love him like a younger brother. I’ve said that thousands of times, but it’s true. We fight like siblings and John always knows what to say to put me in my place. We’re polar opposites on some things (baseball being a big one), but are lockstep on so many others. I know that I can trust him implicitly and that his heart is always in the right place.

He has stood right beside me through the good and bad times. I pray that I will always be there for him. As he closes the book on this chapter of his life, a new chapter begins. I’m honored to have been a part of this chapter. I’m looking forward to being a part of the next.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Everyone is posting lyrics, so I shall do the same (thank Shana if you like!).

Policy of Truth by Depeche Mode
You had something to hide Should have hidden it, shouldn't you Now you're not satisfied With what you're being put through It's just time to pay the price For not listening to advice And deciding in your youth On the policy of truth

Things could be so different now It used to be so civilised You will always wonder how It could have been if you'd only lied It's too late to change events It's time to face the consequence For delivering the proof In the policy of truth

Never again is what you swore The time before Never again is what you swore The time before

Now you're standing there tongue tied You'd better learn your lesson wellHide what you have to hideAnd tell what you have to tellYou'll see your problems multipliedIf you continually decideTo faithfully pursueThe policy of truth

Get Right With Me by Depeche Mode
I will have faith in man That is hard to understand Show some humility You have the ability Get right with me

Friends, if you've lost your way You will find it again some day Come down from your pedestals And open your mouths that's all Get right with me

Life is such a short thing That I cannot comprehend But if this life were a bought thing There are ways I know we'd mend

People, take my advice Already told you once, once or twice Don't waste your energy Making apologies Get right with me

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today, We Are All Hokies

It takes something so unspeakably heinous to put things into perspective.

Over the course of the past two weeks, I have had Easter dinner with my step-brothers and their awesome kids, bought two CDs at Best Buy, went to Busch Stadium and attended yet another MIG E-Board meeting. Those were fun things.

On Easter Sunday, I took the drive to Decatur to have dinner with my mom, my step-dad and the family. I hesitate to keep using the word step to refer to my step-brothers because I consider them to be my brothers. I haven’t met the oldest because he lives in Massachusetts. My middle step-brother just moved to Cedar Rapids for a better job and the youngest lives in Peoria. I had a great time after dinner playing with my two new nephews (5 years and 6 months) and my new niece (11 months). I have pictures, so ask me to see them sometime.

Buying the CDs is pretty big because I rarely buy music anymore. I really wanted the new Collective Soul greatest hits CD (7even Year Itch: Collective Soul’s Greatest Hits 1994-2001). You should buy it because it is really good (if you’re into mid-90s music). I’ve been listening to it, Depeche Mode and Duran Duran pretty much non-stop since then. I’m sure it’s driving my co-workers crazy.

Friday the 13th saw Shana, Ira and I head to the STL. We drove to the Casino Queen, parked and rode the Metro Link into the city proper. We went to Union Station, fed the goldfish and ourselves. Along the way, Shana suggested that we go to a Cards game. Evidently, she expected me to put the kibosh on that idea.

I didn’t because I wanted to see if Cubs fans didn’t spontaneously combust walking into the stadium. They don’t, but apparently Cubs fans should NEVER attend their first baseball game of the new season where the Cubs aren’t playing. It upset Harry Caray and he rained out the game. We ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory before departing for the Springfield area.

Sunday was yet another MIG Board meeting. I went even though my back was killing me. Looks like things will run well this year.

Yesterday was horrible. The shootings on the Virginia Tech campus jolted everyone back into a reality that we try to forget. There is evil out there in the world; some right in your backyard. I have no idea what snapped in that deranged student’s mind to make him think killing 30 or so people would make things all right. Obviously, he was disturbed but is enjoying a special place in hell.

This is the absolute most inappropriate time to start talking about gun control or conceal and carry, etc. If you’re going to talk about things these things, go elsewhere. For the next few days, we need to be thinking about and praying for the victims and their families. We should also spend time thinking about the people we hold dear and let them know how we feel. Use this time wisely!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sweepstakes. Win Big Here!!

It’s Wednesday the 11th. I’m sure you know what that means. If you guessed noting, you were right. If you guessed “it’s time for another exciting installment of this blog”, you were half right. Good for you!

DNA confirmed that I was NOT the father of Anna Nicole’s baby. That’s a shame because I could have used a few extra million dollars. Oh well! It’s my hope that this little girl can grow up healthy and happy and this whole saga is over.

Proctor and Gamble and Staples have removed their ads from the Don Imus show after his insensitive comments. Those who know me know that I am one of the most sensitive people ever (sarcasm here), but I’m perplexed by Imus’ comments. He said “nappy headed hos.”

Now, one thing baffles me about this whole situation and here it is: Has Don Imus ever looked in the mirror? Have you seen his hair? Does this man need to be talking about nappy hair? He’s an idiot America. He’s been an idiot on the radio for 30 years. Move along!

If everything goes well, I will be winging to the nation’s capital in August. I’m looking forward to going. I haven’t been to DC since 1998 and things have changed since then. I haven’t flown anywhere since before 9/11, so I have a little trepidation about that. I could be one of the people driving out there. I lack the patience to do that. If I know I’m going somewhere, I want to get there as soon as I can.

Did you know that Mort Kondracke of the Beltway Boys on Fox News Channel (very good program, you should watch it) was on Nixon’s enemies list? I didn’t until I read something about Kondracke on the Internet. So I got curious. I Googled the list and found it online. Bill Cosby was on the list! Bill Cosby! Why would Bill Cosby be on anyone’s enemies list? He’s not on mine. Mine also isn’t as long as Tricky Dick’s either. The man hated everyone.

Which brings me to the sweepstakes question: Can you name the 20 people on my enemies list? They don’t have to be in the proper order (that changes daily). Tell your friends to join in the fun and email those responses to by April 30th. Thanks for playing! Hint: The creature known as Douchebag isn’t on the list. Only humans are on the list.

Go to and vote for the best of Macomb. It’s the one thing at the Western Courier worth reading!