Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Goodbye Dick!

I was watching Fox and Friends this morning before leaving for work. Aside from Tiki Barber guest hosting (and doing a pretty competent job), nothing was really interesting. That was until they reported another rumor about the Vice President resigning. We’ve heard this before (some of my readers are hoping he does), but the way the story was presented makes me believe that this one has merit.

The story (and I forget who it comes from but it’s a magazine) goes thusly. Cheney and Bush are feuding. There is no clear-cut GOP candidate for President. Cheney isn’t running for President. Good thing too! He has heart problems. The Veep has a tendency to shoot other people when he’s out hunting. He and the bird flu share the same poll numbers. Not the most stellar choice.

Cheney (or so this story goes) will resign right after the midterms in November. Why wait until November? The simple answer is that Scooter Libby’s trial is going to start right after that. The Veep is going to be called to testify. Day after day, it will be the same thing. What did VP Cheney know and when did he know it? The White House needs to move on.

My question is: Why wait until after the midterms? Cheney is a huge drag on the Administration (which has many problems). It might be time to start cutting people and re-focus. Everyone will go around saying: “Oh no! If Cheney leaves, who will be President?” The President will be President, move on from your “paranoia”.

I like the Veep. In 2000, I asked myself why he and Lieberman weren’t running instead of Bush and Gore. The VP candidates seemed like better presidential material than the other two. My opinions of both GWB and Veep have changed. It’s time for some changes.

If Cheney goes (and I think he should), Secretary of State Rice should become VP. Who’s left? McCain would never take the VP spot. Frist is the worst Majority Leader I’ve ever seen (and Daschle was a brainless twit). Speaker Hastert is retiring after the 2008 election. Senator Allen of Virginia maybe? The new VP becomes the presumptive GOP nominee in 2008. The only two GOP candidates I’d support (right now) are Secretary Rice or Senator McCain.

It’s time to shake the Administration up. Lame duck is starting to set in and there’s three years left.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Never Outsource National Security

You know things are turning apocalyptic when I agree with anything that carpet bagging, camera hogging, two-faced senatorial bitch from New York says (or is she from Illinois? Maybe Arkansas? I’m so confused). This plan of the Bush Administration to allow a foreign country to take over our ports is completely absurd.

If an item can be made cheaper elsewhere, then it is better to have that item made there. That’s called outsourcing. Shut up before you get tangential about outsourced jobs. Each of you shops at Wal-Mart. National security is not a tangible item that can be manufactured. National security is not something that can be outsourced.

Too many men and women have died wearing our nation’s uniform over the past 230 years to protect our national security. Nearly 3000 innocent people died that god-awful September morning at that hands of people dedicated to destroying our nation. If we allow this to happen, we are basically spitting on those paid the ultimate price.

McFarland makes a valid point when he makes the argument that we don’t have the luxury of waiting until there’s an ash cloud over New York City again. Things changed on 9/11. Had you told me on September 10, 2001 that 19 sub-human hijackers would take over 4 airplanes and run them into buildings, I’d called you crazy. Crazy was redefined on 9/11. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility anymore. People hate Americans and will do anything to hurt us.

The President is on the wrong side of this argument. I think he knows it and that’s why he’s threatening the veto and the White House is backpedaling. A veto is his Constitutional prerogative (God bless our Founding Fathers). It will be overridden. Speaker Hastert is against him. Senate Majority Leader Frist is against him. Governor Pataki is against him. Everyone should be against this lame-brained idea.

In other news: Bombers are now 25-1. B-PC in the Regional title game on Friday then it’s onward. Hopefully, MIG doesn’t coincide with the state title game. I’ll have to go to Peoria if it does!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

1.68 Million Reasons to Stay In Bed

Congrats to the MHS Bombers Boys Basketball Team on winning the 2005-2006 Olympic Conference Championship. As of Tuesday, they were 21-1 (11-1 conference) and making the run for State. GOOD LUCK BOMBERS!!

These past two weeks have been very interesting (putting it mildly). I might have gotten about 1.68 hours of sleep this week. Let’s get into it.

We had the last MIG Executive Board meting on the 29th. It was held in the Old Supreme Court Chambers at the Capitol. A lot of people don’t like the room, but I think it’s pretty neat. As nice as the room was, the people in it weren’t.

You guessed it. Baby Killer made his monthly appearance. Instead of obeying what he was told about getting near me, he decided to put his hand on my shoulder. I told him never to touch me again and walked away. I didn’t have times for his lies. We would all have to deal with them later that week. He also decided to stalk his favorite victim. I was ready to call Capitol security to have them escort Baby Killer out of the Capitol.

As the Board meeting wrapped up, an Executive Session was called. It was there that Baby Killer lied about his status as a student at WIU. Having been lied to repeatedly, the Board’s advisors naturally checked on his story. He wasn’t enrolled at WIU in any capacity. Certainly not the independent study status he was claiming. A quick letter from the Provost’s office verified this. MIG had a problem.

Since Baby Killer wasn’t a student, he couldn’t stay as Speaker of the House. Since he couldn’t be Speaker, we needed another one. The Governor had already chosen a nominee for a vacancy in November when Baby Killer first started making rumblings about resigning. He nominated John Kennealy (Skippy from the Christmas card) to be the new Speaker and asked for a vote before the simulation.

Instead of a quick vote, people had to come up with 1.68 million reasons to drag it out. It finally ended yesterday when John was confirmed. I can now finish districting (hopefully tomorrow) and get the schools their roles. MIG starts in 21 days.

I know I will be able to go far beyond my 1.68 hours of sleep before then. I have a three-day weekend this weekend (Lincoln’s Birthday on Monday). This is followed by a three-day workweek and a four-day weekend (Friday 2/17 is my regular day off).